Male on Male Massage

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Male on Male Massage

Well, I did it. I finally worked up the nerve to visit a male masseuse who was advertising on Craig list. When I started exchanging emails with him, I was trying to sort out whether or not there would be any action. The clincher for me was when I asked if draping was optional. He said..."of course". He said all of his clients lay nude on the table. So I set up an appointment for that afternoon.

It was a private residence so after a knock on the door he answered with a smile and said "c'mon in". He asked that I remove my shoes by the door and I must say, I had a hard time doing so as I was kind of nervous...and it showed. It didn't take long for him to make me feel comfortable, however. After a bit of small talk, he directed me to a large converted bedroom. The massage table was in the middle of the room and it was dimly lit. He said, "remove your clothes and lay on your stomach and we'll get started."

I removed my socks, shirt and started on my pants...but he interrupted me by walking up and undoing my belt and zipper. I was going wwwxxx "commando" so my pants dropped to the floor quickly. I was standing there...already semi hard. He reached under my balls and lifted them up to feel their heaviness and I became hard as a rock within seconds. I am a big pre-cummer and I was already dripping on his arm. His hand left my balls and he licked my pre-cum off of his arm...then he leaned over to give a quick little suck to get the rest of the pre-cum off my cock. I inhaled quickly as his warm mouth did a quick vacuum suck and he ran his thumb over my urethra to squeeze out more pre-cum. He stood up and said, lie down...its time for a massage. I said, "but I kind of like what you are doing now!" He said, "all in good time".

I laid face down on the table and he started giving a normal...but very good massage. As it turned out, he had his LMT certification. My /erection/">erection subsided because it was so relaxing so after awhile, I adjusted my penis so it was pointing straight down...something I couldn't have done earlier. After working on my shoulders, neck, legs and /feet/">feet, he slowly spread my legs and started working on my ass...all the while /tickling/">tickling my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. And then he started spreading my buttocks and I felt a warm sensation. He was licking my /asshole/">asshole! Wow...that was new to me. I was glad I took a thorough shower and spent extra time soaping up my genitals and bum hole. I was growing hard again so I had to lift my hips to become comfortable and give my erection room to grow. As I did so, he encouraged me to get on my knees and he proceeded to lick my asshole, balls and running his tongue the length of my cock. This went on for a few minutes before he asked me to flip over.

On the flip, my raging erection was in clear view and as I squeezed by kegel...pre-cum oozed out on my belly. He leaned over, licked the precum and gave me a quick suck to get the rest of it. All the while he was giving me a normal massage, I would squeeze my kegel...more pre-cum would emerge and he'd clean it up with a quick lick and a suck. Not many words were exchanged and I was in heaven, my hope was that it would never end.

As he was working on me, I felt something wet and slimy on the back of my hand. I looked down and realized that he had dropped his shorts and his hard cock - thick with precum - was rubbing on the back of my hand! Every time he moved past my hand, he made sure that his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock touched the back of my hand. After the 3rd or 4th time, I took the hint and gently started playing with his balls. They were quite large and hanging quite low. Bigger and lower than mine so I was enjoying it. Eventually I grabbed his shaft. His cock was long, veiny and hard as a rock.

He grabbed my hand, squirted some lube into the palm of my hand and placed my hand back on his cock. I was stroking him slowly and erotically. He continued to work on my thighs, my chest and every once in awhile leaning over to lick and suck the pre-cum off my cock. This went on for few minutes and I could tell he was getting close to cum. I signaled for him to get closer to the top of the table because I wanted to finish him off with my mouth. He moved forward, I turned on my side and took the head of his cock in my mouth. It was only a few seconds before he ejaculated some of the best tasting cum that I have tasted. I continued to suck, kiss the head of his cock and squeeze as much cum as I could out of that beautiful member. He then pulled back, put his shorts back on, smiled and said "lay back and relax".

It was now time for me to cum. He went to the end of the table, crawled up between my legs and started licking my balls, shaft and the tip of my cock. I felt something on my asshole and after lubing up his finger, he started to put pressure directly on the opening. With one hand, the wwwxxx he lifted my cock, dove on it with his mouth and inserted a finger deep in my asshole. Wow!!! He went up and down on my cock using one hand on my balls and the other /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking my asshole. I was in heaven! I relaxed my kegel muscle as much as I could because I wanted it to last a long time.

I was fighting the /climax/">climax as much as I could...but to no avail I felt myself going over the edge. I said, "Oh, Wow, mmmm, suck that cock, eat that hot-white-cum, WOW!!!" Then I exploded like I had never cum before...wave after wave of cum. He kept it up...sucking my cock, playing with my balls and finger fucking my asshole until I started shaking. He stopped and I laid back and tried to catch my breath. Every once in awhile, would lean over, kiss the head of my cock and I would shiver in delight. He swallowed all my cum, but wanted to get every last drop.

I lay there enjoying the moment and while he was still between my legs, he started to gently massage my thighs, my hips and my stomach. He got off the table and continued to finish a normal massage. When complete, he invited me to take a shower so I went in, turned on the water, soaped up and rinsed off. As I got out of the shower, he handed me a towel and we started making small talk. I had such a wonderful time that as I was drying off my genitals, I was developing a semi-hard. He smiled, reached out and grabbed my cock. He started massaging it and said "it looks like we didn't finish the job" and he got down on his knees and started sucking on me. Now...it wasn't as intense of a climax I had on the table...but it was very enjoyable. Because I had unloaded my balls less than 30 minutes prior, I had to work on cumming, but cum I did. Again, he kept sucking, kissing the end of my cock, etc. until I shivered with delight.

As I left, I (obviously) gave him a big tip and scheduled another session a week later. I have been a regular customer of his over the past few months and I always look forward to the blowjob / finger fuck. I don't take his cum every time because his balls have been emptied by prior customers...which means I need to make my appointments earlier in the day so I can be the one to take his tasty cum.