Sweet Revenge Part B

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Sweet Revenge Part B

*** Continuation from part A ofSweet Revenge story.

I put one hand over her breast, and continued to fuck her with my other hand's middle finger. On noticing the huge bulge in my crotch, her eyes grew very wide, and she unzipped my pants to take out my weapon and started stroking it. Soon, both of us came - and she was making quite a din - I was afraid someone would hear her through the sound-proofed- walls. I splattered her with my cum from her head to her hips, most of which settled on her face and her sexy pouted lips. She continued to embrace my now- shrinking cock that was squirting my stuff onto her silky skin. She licked my cum around my lips and closed her eyes in delight. Both of us were oblivious to the sound of the door opening. A yell followed "What the fuck is going on here?". It was her husband. He soon had me by my throat and against full hd xvideo download the wall. I managed to squirm out and deliver him a punch, after which he furiously took out his mobile and started punching numbers.

His slut now stood between us, my cum still in her silky now tousled black hair begging him not to hurt me and not to show his political prowess. I looked at him properly for the /first-time/">first time. He had my built, and he was quite handsome- not someone who I'd expect to become a politician in this part of the world. Wondering if his goons were already on the way to kill me, I debated what to do. Before I could decide, he lunged at me again. This time I was ready- I neatly free porn movies download side stepped him, walked to my door and locked it. "Lets talk", I said, "We can sort this out- let's make a deal"

"What kind of deal do you want? You fucked my bitchy wife for God's sake! Are you going to give me yours!?" He continued with his rant when I calmly said, "Thats exactly what I intended to do". He paced the room for the next five minutes, his hand still shivering, obviously wanting to kill someone. Finally, he said, "Most probably she must be a piece of shit if you're willing to be so generous of her".

I took out my family albums for him and let him run through the photos once. His jaw dropped half an inch when he noticed what a babe Ashley was. He stopped at her bikini pictures and admired her six pack, 'cos Tina, like me, had just a flat tummy, and not a six pack. He rushed through the rest. He was obviously interested in what he saw because his hand - tremors decreased, then stopped altogether. He started looking at the album again, slowly, pausing at her bikini pictures, where this time, he lustfully looked at her firm round breasts. I noticed a bulge in his crotch now. He hurriedly turned the page to look at a photo he'd missed previously- one of Ashley totally nude, with her back to me. He ran his finger over her, in plain lust, and it finally stopped over her butt.

"I want that ass!" he proclaimed. "She's yours" I assured him.
"How can I be so sure?"
"Take a look at this". With that, I got up to open my personal cupboard, took out a CD I had placed there two months ago (refer previous story)
He ran the video in the system. This time his mouth was totally agape.
"Who IS THIS LUCKY B******D?" he asked in awe.

"Next door college stud", I replied smiling.
Now fully convinced, he looked hopefully at me, "I want this CD"
"Please wait, sit down, I'll order some refreshments. In the meantime I'll make a copy for you"

He gladly obliged. His wife boldly sat next to me with her hand on my crotch. But he was too busy still looking at the computer display of my /wife/wife-fucking/">wife fucking Ryan, to care.

The time came for them to leave. Mark (that was his name) and I exchanged numbers. He literally dragged away his wife Tina, who obviously wanted to wish me a romantic goodbye.
"You'll be hearing from me cuckold!" he cried out in a friendly voice.
"I hope so sir!" , I cried back. I dearly wanted to swap, but I think I was in enough a soup as it was already, and fear stopped me from asking for his wife especially since he had just found her covered in my cum and holding my nine incher.
Now came the big problem. How was I to explain my predicament to my babe at home?

5 PM

I returned home early from work, to find Ashley looking dead- tired. Ryan had obviously been really into her today, but she had made a really good job hiding it as usual, for other than her dark circles and tousled hair, there were no stains suggestive of cum on the couch or any other signs that even mildly suggested she had played the /whore/">whore.
"We have a problem", I gently led her to the sofa, sat her down and explained my predicament. If she immediately agreed, I thought I'd let it go like a gentleman. But she wasn't to be subdued and like all /women/">women started out with her drama "I TRUSTED YOU! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME! YOU CHEAT! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS FROM YOU??"

My perfect calm obviously disturbed her instincts. I just reached out my arm with the CD.
"What?" she shrieked, then took great strides to the system and started playing it. As soon as she saw the first scene she knew I had known her secret all along. She burst into tears. I did not comfort her, but waited. She merely said, "Yes, I'll think about fucking him for you, if thats what you want"
I then gently held her in my arms "Honey, they'll kill me if you don't do this for me. Then who will earn you your money?"

I talked to her in soft hushed tones, calming her, and sure enough after just ten minutes of gentle advise, the slut agreed to fuck Mark in exchange for my life. She steeled her voice, "Yes, you're right dear. I need you to survive. I'm going to do this for you"

With that settled, I immediately called Mark, who became extremely excited, 'cos he thought he'd let me be the sad husband, waiting for the phone call to come to declare my wife a prostitute. To think that I had done this voluntarily, excited both Mark and I to no end.

"Can I fuck her at your place? I don't want things to get messy at mine", he said
"Yes sir, anything you say sir. By the way, what should she wear?"
I switched on the speaker so Ashley could hear what her future one -night-stand was speaking. Her face was steely now and she was giving a blank expression.
I was so hard as I wondered why I had asked that question. I had to unzip my pants to let my monster out, before I could continue talking.
"She 'd better wear a black negligee and a /thong/nice-thong/">nice thong. Do you have these or should I buy them for the slut?"
"No sir, we have them right here sir. Please, could I ask one mild request of you sir?"
"I wont promise anything, and you're in no position to bargain. But what is it?"
"Could you use a condom?"
There was silence on the line. Ashley had refused to have a tubectomy done and I was worried this sexually frustrated idiot would get her /pregnant/">pregnant. A kid is exactly what I did not want right now, especially one that was not mine!

"I'll think about it", he finally said after one minute "but if I decide to fuck her without one, its my wish, and if you even try to interfere, my bodyguards will be there. Use whatever other fucking method you can think of to protect her. You're a doc for God's sake. Use pills you cuckold!"

I reluctantly replied,"Right then, sir."
"Good, I'll be there at 6. Tell her I'll be /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck she's ever had" and the line went dead.

I wondered about his last statement and smiled imagining why a bombshell like Tina would come to me to be finger - fucked if her hubby was so good at making love. I shook my head and laughed as I went to bed.

10:45 AM

I lay naked on the couch, with the amazingly sexy Tina, spent, both of us cuddling in each other's arms and sucking our lips randomly. She had walked in coolly and when I had asked if her husband knew, she said he had hardly noticed when she had said she was coming to see me, as he was preoccupied with thoughts of how the evening was going to be. I had made sure to lock the door this time and let her take /cock/huge-cock/my-huge-cock/">my huge cock into her mouth as I sat atop her and played with her breasts and nipples. It was a quickie and we were done in eight minutes as I had a queue of patients outside waiting for their scheduled appointments. But as I had sat there on her silky firm body with my semi erect cock /cum/squirting-cum/">squirting cum deep into her mouth, I realized she had not had her orgasm today as early as she did the day before.

Just as I was thinking this, she said, "I'm not yet done with you". She pulled my face to hers and passionately kissed me without bothering to clean my mess in her juicy mouth. By now I had learnt to tongue - fuck after knowing the disastrous consequences that can happen to me if I didn't (see the first story: "The Slutty Wife & the Handsome College Stud" in the erotic fiction section) and I had let my tongue roll into every crevice in her mouth I could find.

We had passionately done this for 3 whole minutes, mixing our saliva and my cum in our mouths till I had finally became hard enough to fuck her again. This time I had made her get on my hips. She had let her fingers find their way around my hardness and guided me into her heavenly wetness. Soon I had found her moaning quite loudly as my nine incher went deeper than anyone had inside her. She immediately cummed, and fortunately so did I. I just laid back and let my manhood release its heavy burden- and believe me it was quite heavy- it took two minutes for it to shrink inside her after bombarding her slutty body with my heavy pulsing plasma.

I thought about the awesome time I had just had with her, and kissed her passionately once again, when I noticed her silently shaking her head. She was still looking at me lustfully. I said, "ok..". I took up the intercom. "Please postpone all my appointments to noon". And that was that. We went back to fucking each other, and I made absolutely no effort in hiding how /crazy/">crazy I was about her.

*******************TO BE CONTINUED ******************