Meeting My Master Ch 01

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Meeting My Master Ch 01

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I arrived at the hotel where I had reserved a indian santali xvideo room for us. I walked into the lobby and saw him, reading a book while he waited for me. He really came!! My heart jumped into my throat. My stomach went up to where my heart used to be! There seemed to be a million butterflies flying around in there! I winked at him, to let him know that it was me. As I checked in, he walked over to me and said "Hello, my dear slave." I kissed him not caring if anyone saw us or not. We kissed for so long that we had to stop to breathe! 

"WOW, that was some kiss!" we both said. We picked up the keys to the room from the desk manager. Then we collected our luggage and headed to our room. We locked the door. 

"I cant believe I am really here Dan! I have been waiting for this moment for months and we are finally together!" I said. 

"Me neither Dora. I must admit I was a little afraid that you would not show up or that you would chicken out at the last minute." he answered me. 

"Never Dan! You mean more to me then anybody in the world! Just think in a few short months we can be together permanently." 

Dan and I were so excited that we couldnt wait any longer. We quickly undressed each other as we fell on the bed with arms and legs intertwined! 

"We have some unfinished business to tend to, like all the sassiness you have been showing me over the last few months and all the teasing you have been putting me through as well. It is time for your spanking young lady!" my /master/">master announced. 

He sat up and pulled me onto his lap, while I squirmed, giggled, and struggled. 

"In addition to your misbehavior over the past months, you were wearing panties under your skirt when you arrived. I specifically told you not to have any /underwear/">underwear on your butt." he scolded me. 

He spanked my bottom until it was completely pink and warm. It stung. 

"Im sorry, Dan. I will do better." 

"Im sorry, what?" 

"Oops, sorry, Sir?" 

"Sir?" he asked sternly, as he swatted my ass again. 

"Sorry, Master." 

"Thats better. Dont forget my title anymore, Slave." 

"I wont, Master." I replied while I squirmed on his lap. 

I was able to free myself by wiggling loose. I tried to run away, but was not fast enough. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back toward himself. Then he picked me up and tossed me on the bed, saying "Where do you think youre going, Missy?" 

"Uhhhh.....I have to use the restroom?" 

"Yeah, right. I know what youre doing. Youre trying to tease me by pretending to run." 

"Now, would I do that? Im an angel." I said with a look of false innocence. 

"You know very well that you were doing exactly that. If youre an angel, your mischievous look sure fooled me." he replied as he pinned me down to the bed on my back. I tried to wrestle myself loose, but he put his weight on my hands and wrists, keeping me in place. 

"Dont me make swat you again. Otherwise, this time, you may end up in the corner with your panties around your ankles like a naughty schoolgirl." he warned me as he rubbed his cock against my pussy, feeling how wet I was becoming. I was more than ready to alain lyle porn feel his cock enter me for the /first-time/">first time. 

"Wow, my /slave/love-slave/">love slave, you are quite wet from this teasing, arent you?" he taunted me. 

Trying to play innocent again, I said "Who, me? From the feel of your /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, its you who is becoming aroused by my little act." 

"Oh, I think were both horny now, arent we?" he responded as he entered my steaming /hot/hot-love/">hot love tunnel. 

My breathing grew heavier as we continued our roleplay. My pretense of escaping from him was exciting both of us. I could tell he was enjoying the thought of overpowering me. We had done this cat-and-mouse game over the phone many times, so we both knew what to expect from each other. 

Our mouths met and we kissed each other passionately, with our tongues dueling. The kiss lasted for several minutes, as he continued thrusting in and out of me. His tongue started mimicking what his cock was doing to me. 

"Oh my fucking God! Youre so damn tight! Youre such a naughty tease, fighting me like that! You know this game of ours turns me on! I dont know how much longer I can last if you keep this up! I dont want to cum too soon the first time!" he said with mounting passion. 

"Oh shit, I can feel your cock swelling more inside me! You must be close to cumming now! Im not far from it myself!" 

He reached down and started stimulating my clit. 

"Yeah, thats right! I want to feel your tight little /pussy/pussy-cum/">pussy cum on my cock!" 

"Oh, fuck, Im so close, Master! I want to milk the cum out of your cock!" 

Our escalating passion was building faster and faster, until neither of us could hold out any longer. I felt him growing bigger inside me, indicating that he was right there. The feel of his growing dick, along him playing with my clit, sent me over the edge. The intensity of the orgasm made it harder to speak. 

"Oh God, Im cumming!" I replied as my arms tightened, threatening to cut off his circulation. 

"Damn, you are milking my cock! Ive gotta cum NOW!" he grunted. 

I felt the twitching of his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls and then the sudden warmth indicating his explosion. Our breathing began to slow down, as we held onto each other like a raft in the wake of a storm. We could hear and feel each others hearts pounding as we started to relax. 

"Damn it, babydoll, you look /cute/">cute when you cum! I love the concentrated look on your face, almost as if youre in immense pain." 

"As I like the look of utter pleasure you have when you are cumming. God, I love your brown eyes!" 

"No prettier than your brown eyes. Not to mention, your auburn hair fits your passionate nature, especially in lovemaking. I love redheads!" 

"Dont forget our tempers!" I responded playfully. 

"I think I can find ways to deal with that!" he retorted. 

Just then, we were interrupted by our growling stomachs, making us both break out into laughter. 

"Sorry, due to my nervousness, I didnt eat much today." I explained. 

"Well, I havent eaten since lunch myself, and that was at noon. I reckon we should clean up, get dressed, and find a place to eat." he answered. 

We washed each other in the shower and started getting dressed. I pulled out two T-shirts that I had brought him from Texas as souvenirs. He put one of them on and I wore my shirt that matched it. We went downstairs and asked for directions to a restaurant that would still be open that late at night. We held each other as we walked there calmly, fully enjoying each others company. 

"Boy, this is a great start to my vacation here in Phoenix!" I exclaimed. 

"Well, Im enjoying your vacation here too." he replied with a teasing grin.