Oh my did I really make that much noise

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Oh my did I really make that much noise

One day while at work I felt that familiar feeling of my cock beginning to get hard and knew where that would lead. I tried and tried to ignore the twitches and obvious signs of arousal. After awhile I gave up trying to fight this...I knew what I needed.

I decided to go to the mens room, which was right near our work cubicles. I sat down, saw that my cock had already began to stiffen and could feel the tip wet with a minute amount of pre-cum, clear, warm, slippery, thinner than my cum. Oh my it felt good to rub that wet juice around the tip of my growing cock.

Harder and harder my cock got, stiffer and stiffer, bigger and bigger. I needed to stand so I could stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv stoke the entire shaft of my cock and thats what I did. Starting out slow and steady, growing more and more aroused I began to stroke my cock harder and faster...oh my...feels so good....I could feel the blood filling my cock and my entire cock pulsing under my fist which was stroking up and down...mmmm...all of a sudden I am aware of my belt clicking to the same rhythm of my throbbing cock...

I was also aware of my co-workers not far from the door and mens room. I attempted to silence my belt but was far too aroused and stimulated to stop now. Harder, faster, tighter...yes...yes...yes and the anticipated moment arrived....I could feel my cock in my hand pulse violently and throb as the hot, thick, milky cum shot from my engorged cock...I feel so good, feel satisfied, spent. I wipe the cum from my cock, my hand and the commode seat, re-dress, wash up and exit the mens room.

As I exit there are my co-workers standing and applauding....saying that was the most excitement theyd had for as long as they could remember. An initial wave of embarrassment flooded over me, I didnt know what white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to say, I quietly and quickly retreated to my cube and immersed myself in my work.

Nothing more has been mentioned but every once in a while I catch a glimpse and smile from one of the observers. Im sure I will never live this down, it will probably be a story told for many years, hopefully without identifying me by name. I guess it could have been worse...Im not quite sure how...but perhaps it could have been.