The ex girlfriend 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The ex girlfriend 1

It was any normal Tuesday night and i was up at a bar with some of my friends having a few drinks and watching a basketball sexxxx video ful hd game. All of the sudden i felt a tap on my shoulder and to my shock when i turned around there was my ex-girlfriend megan. i did not know what to say at first because we dated for a long time, and the break up was pretty /ugly/">ugly. As she sat down i noticed her amazing outfit, tall black leather boots up to her knees, the shortest skirt i have ever seen, and a tiny tank top showing off her amazing breasts. the conversation was pretty normal for people who have not seen one another in a long time, until i made the mistake of telling her i was engaged, and that she was moving in this weekend. Megan gave me a very dirty look and left the bar a minute after leaving the table. Even though i felt /bad/">bad I knew i would never see her again or so i thought. 

When i arrived home she was standing on my porch looking more amazing than ever, and said we need to talk. So i sat next to her on the porch and she demanded we go inside. We sat on the couch for a long time talking, but my eyes were wondering looking at her sexy boots and beautiful breatsts. She noticed this and laughed at me, i stopped and demanded to know what she was laughing at. She looked at me and said after all this time you are still pussy whipped. I was stunned and tried to deny it but just could not do it.

She stood up looked down at me, and my cock was itching to get out of my jeans, and she knew it. In every other sexual adventure between the two of us i was in control but tonight i had no chance. she demanded for me to get on my knees at her feet and i did as i was told. she made me lick and kiss her boots for what seemed like 5 minutes. after that she told me to pull my cock out for her to see. Again under her control i did as i was told. My cock flew free from my pants and i was harder than ever before. She said she was going to make me cum with just her boots, and for a minute i did not believe her. 

She turned her back to me and lifted xxx sex video download free com her skirt showing me that amazing ass she had. she told me to kiss her ass, and i could not resist. As i began she moved her boots around my swollen cock, and said " Fuck my boots /bitch/">bitch." I did as she demanded and what started out to be a humiliating moment all of the sudden i loved it. I licked her ass and /asshole/">asshole with great satisfaction while fucking those amazing boots. What seemed like a year was only a few minutes and i was ready to cum. She knew it and told me to stick my tongue up into her asshole, i was in heaven. she then told me when i was to cum i would be under her control forever, and was only to please her. 

I agreed then she told me to beg her to let me cum. all i could get out was " please Megan let me cum, please, please, please." she looked at me smiled and said " put your tongue back in my ass and taste me, when i count to 3 you will cum do you understand," all i could do was shake my head. she started the countdown " one, two, are you ready my little bitch, three cum right now!" i could not help it and came all over her boots.

 The /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm of my life i was completely drained of every drop of cum inside me. i fell to the floor at her feet and again she smiled knowing i was beaten and her slave for ever. she demanded i lick every drop of cum off her boot, which i gladly did. she looked down at me with an evil smile and siad " what are you" and i replied " i am your bitch Megan." She smiled and said "lets go to bed because you will need your rest." ii got up and she helped me to be.

Now i am her slave and am engaged to marry her, i could not imagine anything being better than that. i get to suck her toes and be her little slave, and i love every minute of it. Megan is my /master/">master and always will be.