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About Firefox 38

For reasons we haven't been able to find out, the latest update of Mozilla Firefox (38.0 and higher) changed the defaults for text display so that the settings for previous versions resulted in most text on the History of UHF Television site being displayed at the smallest font size.

After a lot of experimentation, we have found the settings that make this site (and most others) display the way they did under previous versions of Firefox. Under "Tools" click on "Options" from the pull-down menu and then from that page click on "Content" in the left-hand menu. You will get a page with this on the right-hand side:

As shown, change the default font to "Verdana" and the default size to "15". Then click the "Advanced" button on the right, and this window will pop-up:

The previous selections will populate in the "Sans-serif" and "Size" windows. Check the box which says "Allow pages to choose their own fonts ..." if it is not already checked. Click on "OK" then close the original tab you opened for "Options".

These steps should restore the original appearance of the pages here.

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